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Interview with Wendy Risso, President of RMGivs Chapter

Check out our interview with Wendy Risso, Founder and President of our RMGivs Chapter, based in Rockville, Maryland! Wendy shares how she and the RMGivs chapter wanted to have maximum impact by supporting a student's education. So far, the RMGivs chapter has raised [url=]$377 to support the education of John[/url], an enrolled student with the [url=]Flying Kites Leadership Academy in [/url][color=#222222][url=]Kinangop, Kenya[/url]. To learn more about their work, [url=]read the chapter's blog here.[/url][/color]
[b]Q: Please tell me about yourself and your chapter. What made you want to start a Givology chapter?[/b]
Having been born in Paraguay and raised by multicultural parents, I developed a global perspective at a young age. My parents always advocated for my education. In fact, my education (as well as that of my siblings) played a deciding role in my family’s move to the United States. Having treasured education from early on, I was excited to embrace it as an agent of change by starting a Givology chapter. I wanted the Richard Montgomery student body to help me fund education for students worldwide.
[b]Q: What has been the most rewarding and most challenging aspect of your chapter?[/b]
To echo the comments from my chapter, a big challenge has been time management. We all wish we could’ve had more time to embark on new fundraisers and campaigns. There were many ideas but not enough time to execute them while trying to focus on schoolwork. However, I can honestly say that the fundraisers we did hold were very rewarding. For example, during our bake sales people were willing to hear about our cause. It was amazing to see how much energy my chapter could project unto the public.
[b]Q: When your team was deciding how to allocate the funds that you raised, what did you focus on?[/b]
This being our first year as a chapter, my team was very much interested in allocating all of our funds to one specific student. We also wanted to make the most difference to the student so we focused on students with low a funding status. Eventually we decided on John from Kinangop, Kenya.
[b]Q: What advice would you give to students interested in making a difference?[/b]
I would advise students to pair up with one another. My experience has been that more students create more of an impact. My team has done nothing but encourage me and given me plenty of ideas. It is so much easier to work as a team and doing so usually leads to a bigger success.
[b]Q: What are your goals for the upcoming year? [/b]
Next year my chapter plans to update our blog more frequently. We would like to work on sharing our activities through social media and the Givology blog to inspire others.

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