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Impact Series Podcast: Iskren Kulev of KindLink

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[color=#339900]“ Simply going on a computer, logging in, we need to use this browse ... might be very very natural for the young generation but for the older generation and for charities, especially charity executives, it is a change of mindset.”[/color] [url=]Click to Tweet[/url]
Guest: Iskren Kulev
Hosted By: Yejide Obisesan

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Started in 2015, [color=#339900]KindLink[/color] is a Tech4Good company dedicated to creating a transparent charity sector and helping companies manage and promote all their corporate social responsibility activities. It is platform where the donor can connect with the entire value chain of their donation and observe the payment flow, the work of the charity they donated to and connect with the final beneficiary.
[color=#339900]Iskren Kulev[/color], CEO and Founder of KindLink, started his career with a sales/technical role in online payment at Paysafe Group and continued through to work with iZettle, one of the hottest financial tech start-ups that was recently sold to PayPal. Armed with that experience and an MBA, he moved forward to start KindLink.
In this episode, we talk to Iskren about transparency in giving, passion for the problems, and the beauty of rule breaking.

[color=#339900]H I G H L I G H T [/color]
We support over 700 non-profit organizations globally; from Africa to US, Canada and UK. Our business clients work internationally with charities in Nepal, South Africa and Uganda. I believe this is one of our biggest accomplishments…being able to support more than 10,000 beneficiaries, changes the way we see our work. I can say that, for me, this is the most important thing about our jobs.
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[color=#339900]S H O W - N O T E S[/color]
-The Third Sector Lagging Behind: KindLink’s mission & closing the gap between the non-profit sector and technology. [[b]1:28[/b]]
-The Non-Profit Toolkit: One of the many things that sets KindLink apart [[b]3:28[/b]]
[b]-[/b]Hard sell? Not even close: How they built up their customer base and partnerships from the ground up [[b]7:53][/b]
-“ I knew nothing”: Iskren’s pivot from financial technology and how he and his partner’s backgrounds informed their work in a new sector [[b]12:34][/b]
[b]-[/b]700,10,000, 4100 & the BBC? : Some of the triumphs of KindLink [[b]17:32][/b]
[b]-[/b]Money and Fear with a Lot of Passion Thrown In: How KindLink stays so agile in this sector [[b]19:26][/b]
[b]-[/b]The Atypical Startup & Breaking the Myth of CSR: clarity of vision from day one to current projects and initiatives [[b]24:12][/b]
-The Measures of Impact: Empowering everyone in the giving process [[b]31:34][/b]
[b]-[/b]The Highlights and the Pain Points: The community’s response to their work [[b]34:30][/b]
[b]-[/b]The Future of KindLink and How You Can Play a Part [[b]40:43][/b]
[b]-[/b]The Lightning Round! [[b]44:01][/b]

[color=#339900]R E F E R E N C E S [/color]
-Check out Iskren’s book recommendation [url=]The Founder's Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup[/url] by Noam Wasserman
-Remember that BBC News reference? Check it out! [url=]KindLink highlight[/url]
-Explore the [url=]KindLink website[/url] to learn more about their mission and [url=]resources [/url]for corporations and [url=]charities[/url] alike

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