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First Graders Raise Money for Circle of Peace School

[b]"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." – Anne Frank[/b]
At Givology, we believe that every person has the power to make positive change in the world, with no amount too small or any individual too young. For first graders in [b]Nancy Walters'[/b] class[b], [/b]giving became a team effort as the American students connected to the stories of Givology-sponsored students at the Circle of Peace School.
Below is Nancy and her class' inspirational story of using the power of community to bring hope to another one on the other side of the globe.
[i]Once[/i] again my first grade students at Fillmore Central School in western New York worked to raise money for the students at Circle of Peace School in Uganda. Even though we’re worlds apart, we felt connected to them as we learned about their country and culture through our Global Learning Service Project. I had a wonderful student teacher who had been to Africa and had so much to add to our learning.
We began raising money by bringing a large plastic jug into our room for coins. It remained in our room for the entire year collecting just about $60!
In October we made crafts to sell at the Christmas craft show held every November. The students made Christmas cards which were a big hit! We asked parents to make pies which always sell well. Other classes joined us and made ornaments and bracelets to sell. It was a successful craft show!
In February the children secured sponsors to sponsor them for the number of books they read. This was a great motivator for reading more books and getting families involved.
One of the best things we did was pass out penny rolls to classes to fill and return to us. We received penny rolls from pre-k through 6th grade which made more students feel a part of the project.
It was a fun year for this class to experience raising money for Peace School. We ended up raising $618.43 which will help the school to buy sewing machines. I am pleased that we learned not only about another part of the world, but about caring and serving others.
I’m looking forward to next year. I will have my same students for second grade, and I can’t wait to see what more we can do for Circle of Peace School.
[i]For more information about Circle of Peace School's partnership with Givology,[/i][i] [url=]click here.[/url] [/i]
[i]For more information about Circle of Peace School, [/i][url=]click here.[/url]

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