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Back to School, Back to Giving: RMGivs Chapter

Today, September 16th, 2013, marked the first official meeting of RMGivs. Attached is a picture of our six core members and our sponsor, Mr. Goetz. We were all smiles today, giddily making plans for this school year. Every Chapter meeting from now on will be on Tuesdays at lunch.
Each meeting will begin with greetings from our vice president and myself. We will also take a few moments to introduce new members during said greeting time. If time allows, we want to incorporate an educational ice breaker game that will 1) capture students' interest and 2) inform students about global education issues and stir up their desire to help. The second half of our meetings will focus on Givology's [i]Guide to Giving. [/i]We will closely read passages of the first part of the book and implement Givology's philosophy of effective giving to our fundraising platforms.
[font='Times New Roman']In two weeks, our school will host a club fair where we will be given a table to attract students to our chapter. Today we thought of ways to encourage students to stop by our table. We came up with a list of ideas. First, we will have a large poster with our chapter name on it to capture visual attention. Second, each core member will be responsible for bringing a family sized amount of their favorite candy to hand to students who sign up to get emails from us. Lastly, we will have small info cards to give out to students so that they can take it with them. We want a good turn-out for our second meeting so that people will want to keep coming.[/font]
[font='Times New Roman']Today we also discussed potential fundraisers and promotions to get the word out about Givology. Below is a rough timeline of when and how we intend to do this:[/font]
[li]Letter-writing Campaign[/li][li]RMBC video - this is the daily announcement channel in our school. Students take advantage of this to promote their clubs. One of our core member is part of the class so it will be easy for us to get a spot on the show and have a short clip advertising our chapter.[/li][li]Halloween candy grams - have students buy candy grams from us to give to other students. We will inform students that they will be helping to fund for a certain child's education. Inside the candy grams we will have a small card with a striking fact about education and we will say "this candy gram is brought to you by Givology's chapter, RMGivs"[/li][li]Thanksgiving hand Turkeys to be given out to students with facts about the global education deficiency to make them grateful for what they have and want to join Givology.[/li][li]Bake sales after school and at the local grocery store. We will call the grocery store a month in advance.[/li][li]Holi festival in the spring - to be hosted on school grounds will permission from administration. Students will purchase admissions. With the remaining paint, we will have students write on a large canvas what education means to them.[/li]
[font='Segoe UI', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]RMgivs is very excited to embark on our journey as a chapter![/font]


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