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Feature Partner: Emerge Global

[b]Feature Partner: Emerge Global[/b]
[b]What is Emerge Global?[/b]
[b] [/b]In 2005, the then-19-year-old Ali Whitney-Johnson arrived in Sri Lanka as a tsunami-relief volunteer. She learned of a heartbreaking injustice while on her trip: Girls as young as 11 who had survived rape or incest and had the courage to stand up for themselves in court were cast out of their own families, denied the right to formal education, and locked-up for their own protection.
With a background in jewelry-making since age seven, Alia wanted to get to know the girls better by hosting a beading workshop. The jewelry-making process proved to be so therapeutic and transformative, uplifting girls spirits and helping them overcome the obstacles that they faced, that Emerge Global was born.
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[b]Who does it help?[/b]
Emerge works with teenage survivors of sexual abuse in Sri Lanka, helping them to heal, develop skills for self-sufficiency, and build a better future for themselves and others. Survivors of sexual abuse, who have the courage to take their perpetrator to court, are housed in protective shelters throughout the term of their court cases. These shelters mean isolation and lack of access to formal schooling, and therefore rendering victims of sexual abuse void of education, skills, and capital to be self-sufficient.
Through Emerge Globals model of Collaborative Capital, which is a mix of traditional non-profit models of service delivery and micro-finance, girls take part in generating and leveraging their own financial capital. Girls have ownership in the process but do not have to take on the risk of repayment, which is challenging for individuals with few support systems. Through Collaborative Capital, they not only generate capital but also increase their business acumen, leadership, and confidence.
To learn more, visit [url=]Emerge on YouTube[/url]!
[b]Recent Achievements[/b]
[b] [/b]In May 2015, Emerge met with U.S. Secretary of State, Honorable John F. Kerry, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

In March 2015, Emerge Country Manager, Mumtaz, received the SUNFO (Sri Lanka UN Friendship Organization) Excellence Award for Social Service.
In March 2015, Emerge Global conducted GirlTalk with girls age 14-18 years old for International Womens Day at the American Centre in Colombo. Topics discussed included positive strategies and connecting participants with resources when dealing with peer pressure, harassment and bullying, and more.

[b]How has Givology contributed to Emerge's mission?[/b]
[b] [/b]$500 contributed to Empower Teen Survivors of Abuse with Education.
$750 contributed to Beads-to-Business Program.
$750 contributed to Life Skills Program.
[b]How can I help?[/b]
Purchase unique jewelry from the [url=]Emerge jewelry store here![/url]
50% of Emerge Globals jewelry selling price goes directly into the designers savings account, which she may access at the age of 18. The remaining 50% covers the cost of materials and product distribution so that Emerge Global can support the healing of more survivors. Because jewelry sales provide only partial support for staff and operations, Emerge relies upon individual donations to sustain its mission. Emerge Global does not profit from the sale of its jewelry.

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