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Peach Foundation: Promoting Education, Art, and Community Harvest

By Amy Boglarski
Peach Foundation has been helping children in China finance their educations since 2001. The foundation provides scholarships for thousands of middle school, high school, and college students, with 65 students currently seeking support through Givology. Volunteers from the Peach Foundation select students to receive their scholarships based on academic merit and financial need. This [url=]video[/url] shows the conditions of where the students are living and their schools.
[b]Student Updates: College Acceptance[/b]
Many students that Givology and Peach Foundation assisted recently fulfilled their goals of graduating high school and beginning college. This is a huge accomplishment for these students who may not have even gone to high school without their scholarships. Some new college students even wrote letters of appreciation to Givology.

One of these students is Yang Zhe Fa, whose parents are both farmers supporting two children and struggling to put them both through school. He thanks Givology for their donations over the past few years writing, thank you for your continual support, you are my pillar, my anchor, my family. I will never forget the help that I received. His goal in the future is to help other students like him who need scholarships to finance their education. You can read his whole letter [url=]here[/url] as well as letters from more Peach Foundation students. You can also read his student profile and donate to Yang Zhe Fa [url=]here[/url].
[b]Students in Need[/b]
Some younger students are still struggling to finance their educations and need your support!
[url=]Yan He[/url] is 17 years old, and wishing to continue her education despite living in poverty. Peach Foundation has just renewed Yan Hes grant for the new school semester, so she can continue receiving scholarships. However, she is still in need of support through Givology. Visit her page and donate today!
Another student like Yan He is [url=]Ying Ying Yang[/url]. Ying Ying is one of the top five students in her class, as well as a student council member. Like many Peach Foundation students, she lives in a rural area and her parents are farmers. A powerful quote from Ying Ying about her struggle reads, These past three years I faced different challenges. The failures felt like thorns that prevented me from reaching my goals. They stabbed me yet I never stopped fighting for my dream. I turned them into motivations that pushed me forward. After many failures, I realized that thorns are actually roses. If we are brave enough, we can enjoy its wonderful smell. With help from Givology supporters, Ying Ying can accomplish her dreams!

[b]More About Peach Foundation[/b]
As well as providing scholarships for students, Peach Foundation also helps their students in other ways including building libraries and schools, training teachers, and offering camps for students. The foundation has been offering summer camp sessions since 2004 with both educational and social activities. Their winter camp called the Lost Pearl Project started in 2013 and provides a supportive environment for girls who have lost one or both of their parents. In addition to these services, Peach Foundation has a medical fund for children with medical issues and a clothing fund to keep students warm in the winter months.
We hope to see Peach Foundation students continue to succeed in the future!
[url=]Peach Foundation[/url]

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