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What Do You Know About Education Around The World?

By: Yejide Obisesan
No, really! What do you know? Take a quick moment to take our quiz below!
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How did you do? Did you get them all right, a few, none?
No matter how you did, it is interesting to see what we don't know about education systems around the world. There are basic similarities that prevail in education in general but every country employs its own structure greatly influenced by their culture.
Lets take a look at some facts about education systems in the countries our field partners are from!

[color=#009966][b]I n d i a[/b][/color]
The Indian school system is one the biggest and most complicated in the world. China is the only one that matches it. With a population of 1.23 billion, you would certainly hope so! Their largest primary school has more than 32,000 students, the largest student population in the world.
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[b][color=#339900]C h i n a[/color][/b]
Speaking of China did you know that children in China receive the most homework in the world! At 13.8 hours of work a week, 15-year-old in China are kept a lot busier than their friends in Singapore at 9.4 hours and France at 5.1.hours Aren’t you glad you didn’t have to?
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[b][color=#339900]N e p a l[/color][/b]
The education system in Nepal is one of the youngest they world with the first formal school for the public appearing in the 1960’s. Prior to that, the education system was guided by the Hindu culture. The initial vehicle of education was homeschooling. Later, it shifted to traditional Gurukul or seminary where “Gurus” were responsible for disciples of education. The students lived in the Gurukul under the complete guidance of a Guru who decided what type of education was given to the students.
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[color=#339900][b]H a i t i[/b][/color]
Haiti is the only country that has more than 50% of their primary level student in non-state schools. Almost all of the schools in Haiti are privately run, over 80%

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[b][color=#339900]M e x i c o[/color][/b]
Public schools in Mexico are free and the Mexican government goes even farther by providing free textbooks for grades 1-9. High school students are not as lucky, textbooks funds come out of the parent’s pocket.
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[b][color=#339900]R w a n d a[/color][/b]
As of 2015, Rwanda has the highest elementary school enrollment rates around the world. The female primary school enrollment rate at 98% has even whizzed past that of males at 95 %. Who runs the world? Girls!
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People around the world are becoming more educated than ever before. There have been great strides in advancing access to primary education in developing countries around the world due in large part the increase in government expenditures on education in these areas and the work of organizations like Givology and our field partners around the world. But there is still plenty of work to do.
Check out the [url=]Givology page[/url] to find out more about our partners and how you can support their work!

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