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Impact Series Podcast: Peled, Seidenfeld, and Aslan of Team Hero


“...makes HERO so unique is that the device is embedded in fashionable and trendy jewelry, rather than just a simple band like a lot of other products. We did some market research and asked people to rank HERO and its competitors on a scale of 1-7, and what we found was that our competitors generally had an average ranking of one, while almost 70% of people gave HERO a 7 out of 7...” - Jennifer Peled
Guests: Jennifer Peled, Ilana Aslan, and Liana Seidenfield
Hosts: Joyce Meng and Vandana Subramanian

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HERO is a line of smart jewelry made to help in a crisis. It listens in for a preprogrammed panic word and, when activated, alarms emergency contacts and potentially the police with the client's GPS location. The requirement for HERO has never been greater: Every 98 seconds, somebody in the US is struck, and 1 out of 5 ladies are a casualty of an attack. Movements, for example, Time's Up and #MeToo have been taking the internet and social media by storm, empowering ladies to stand up and support themselves and their safety. Jennifer, Liana, and Ilana were inspired and encouraged to create this product. The trio stated, “HERO is here to fight fear and bring safety and protection to women everywhere, but do so in a way that is fun, exciting and appealing. With the recent advances in modern technology, the opportunities for innovation are endless. HERO uses advanced technology to draw the bridge between style and safety.” They believe an item as little as a bracelet or necklace can be a piece of a bigger mission to ensure safety and empower women all over the world. They are proud to be a part of a bigger wave of activists, innovators, and changemakers working to make the world safer and more secure for all women alike. These three students attend YULA Girls High School. Together, they chose to use their love for science and technology to make this world a better place for ourselves and loved ones. Team HERO is composed of Jennifer Peled (CEO), Ilana Aslan (CPO), and Liana Seidenfeld (CMO).
In this episode, we talk to Jennifer, Ilana, and Liana about the story, principles, goals, and future of Team HERO.

H I G H L I G H T E D - E X C E R P T
Liana: “Right, so when we were creating HERO, we decided to make it a for-profit company, because through that, we can truly reach people on a global scale, and do a lot of special goods because we will have that profit. I think that we really just hope that our success over the next couple of years will allow us to work hand in hand with non-profit companies and reach underserved communities, and really help them get their inner confidence and courage for them to feel safe in any situation that they encounter, and we truly believe that if even one woman feels more safe because of HERO, then we would have reached our goal in that sense...”

S H O W - N O T E S
· Introduction/Foundation & Startup [0:31]
· Targeted Customers [1:13]
· Jewelry Creation [2:02]
· Buying the Product [4:32]
· Uniqueness [5:52]
· Backstory [6:27]
· Future of the Company [7:01]

Check out [url=]Team HERO[/url] website to learn more about their plans
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