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Impact Series Podcast: Neema Namadamu from Hero Women Rising & Synergy of Congolese Women Associations

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[color=#339900][b]"when you speak out, you get solutions." [/b][/color] [url=]CLICK TO TWEET[/url]! [color=#339900][b]
[/b][/color]Guest: Neema Namadamu
Hosted By: Yejide Obisesan

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[i][color=#339900][b]Neema Namadamu [/b][/color]is the founder and executive director of [color=#339900]S[/color][color=#339900]AFECO Synergie of the Women’s Congolese Association[/color] which is an association of women and women-led NGOs who encourage and support one another in their work on Peace, Rights, and Development agendas that prioritize human rights and rights of nature. Neema has also founded the [color=#339900]Hero Women Rising Center[/color] providing computer literacy training and free internet to 150 women and girls per week, helping them communicate and share their stories globally. The second woman in her ethnic group to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, Neema has overcome every obstacle while simultaneously working to improve the quality of life for others.[/i]
In this episode, Neema shares her journey to becoming a founder, taking us through pivotal moments in her life where she embraced her differences to become a powerful voice for change in her community. She shares key insights into how she measures the impact her organization is making in their community and how important it is to empower women all over the world
[color=#339900]H I G H L I G H T E D - [/color][color=#339900]E X E R P T[/color]
[b][i][u]Yejide:[/u][/i][/b][b][i] [/i][/b][i] What would you say is the overall mission of SAFECO and Hero Women Rising since they are so in tandem?[/i]
[b][i][u]Neema[/u][/i][/b][b][i]: [/i][/b][i]It is to empower women to live out. To lift women to say you are mother, you are women, this is your responsibility. This is your opportunity to. That is our big mission… different program one goal[b].[/b][/i]
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[color=#339900]S H O W - [/color][color=#339900]N O T E S[/color]
· A precocious little girl, how Neema’s realized she had a voice when so many others did not: [1:15]
· Radios, education and the start of SAFECO and Hero Women Rising: Being the only girl in her town with a disability: [3:15]
· “When you speak out, you don’t know who is listening. You are planting seeds in the hearts and minds of people” How they built up the infrastructure of her organizations and created opportunities for people in her community and the inspiring mission behind her work [8:01]
· The overall mission of SAFECO& Hero Women Rising and ongoing projects in technology, sanitary needs, environmental initiatives and more [10:53]
· “Africa is Mother” Women, young girls and ensuring they have agency in the solutions aimed at them [18:52]
· Challengers and Cheerleaders. “Not everyone can be excited about what you are doing 100%”; How elements of the country’s patriarchal history still have their hold [22:16]
· Shifting the Norm & Respect: How they measure the impact they are having in their community and in the hearts of the women they empower thorough technology [25:24]
· The power of grassroots and the bright futures of SAFECO and Hero Women Rising [32:45]
[color=#339900]R E F E R E N C E S:[/color]
Check out [url=]SAFECO[/url] & [url=]Hero Women Rising[/url] to learn more about their [url=]mission[/url] & [url=]programs[/url]
[color=#339900]SAFECO is a Givology[/color][color=#339900] supported project[/color]! Check out how you can help support their work through their specific project :[url=]Educate 20 Vulnerable Children in DR Congo[/url]

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