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Let’s Build The Be Social Change Makers Institute

Today many aspiring and socially minded professionals and entrepreneurs striving for success possess a strong desire for community growth and social awareness. In that light a void has been identified: how and what steps should these individuals should take to create positive growth? Two years ago Marcos Salazar and Allie Mahler partnered to found [url=]Be Social Change[/url] to provide a support network to harness resources for social entrepreneurs and change makers. Since its inception the organization has empowered members through large-scale panels and workshops, interactive networking events, and resource-sharing tools. Seeking to expand their impact they have identified education and skill building to be the most important guides to building a foundation for individuals as well as small businesses and non-profits to be a positive force for social impact. The newly established [url=]Makers Institute[/url] seeks to fill that void by using a non-traditional education program to equip those seeking social change.

Starting in June the Makers Institute partnered with the [url=]Centre for Social Innovation[/url] will commence classes in NYC with plans to take the educational experience global by partnering with [url=]Schoology[/url] to make classes available online in August. The Makers Institute differs drastically from the collegial style of learning not only in content and format, but also in affordability and availability. The institute will fill a hole left by current education sources, which possess limited social entrepreneurship programs that are unaffordable to most who wish to engage in social change. By providing access to everyone with a desire to learn at their own pace how to be a positive impact through social change, Makers can eliminate the educational barriers and provide the necessary training for today’s change makers.

The Makers Institute will offer a curriculum of foundation classes addressing core factors involved in social entrepreneurship and then structuring a format to apply those passions for good. With that basis the student can pursue specific coursework in social entrepreneurship, social intrapreneurship, civic innovation or continued learning. Each specification offers a different track given a person’s career desires with the greater vision of equipping people from all careers and backgrounds with the foundation and know how to build the next generation of socially conscious businesses, scalable non-profits, and impact-driven professionals.

As Makers expands over time it plans to track the students’ impacts both domestically and internationally using measurable perimeters as well as peer feedback through workshops and networking events. By using this vital information Makers will be able to scale out the organization to have physical Institutes across the globe so that everyone will have access to the guides to become a socially impacting leader. The greatest concern for Makers at this time is to be able to keep up with the demand and provide this vital service to people around the world. To learn more about the Makers Institute and/or Donate please visit: [url=]Let's Build The Be Social Change Makers Institute[/url]

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