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Featured Student: Maria Calel Chivalan, Starfish One by One

[b][i]Post by Frida Herrera, Givology Intern[/i][/b]
Maria is a lovely young lady from Chutiestancia, Guatemala. She is part of the [url=]Starfish One by One[/url] project. Starfish One by One[b][color=#943634] [/color][/b]believes in empowering indigenous Guatemalan young ladies through education and mentorship to become leaders in their community.
Maria is currently in the 10th grade, and she is very dedicated to her education. Every morning, Maria helps her family by embroidering and selling hipless (traditional indigenous garments). After she is done with work, she goes to school. Her mentor describes her as cheerful and very participating. In her free time, Maria likes to read the bible, and help her local church community.
Maria has a passion for Human Rights and Women Equality. She believes in equal treatment and opportunities for everybody. She desires to go to college and eventually law school. Maria’s big dream is to leave poverty behind and become a successful lawyer. With your donation, Givology in partnership with Starfish One by One[color=#943634] [/color]will help Maria reach her dream. Get inspired by Maria!
For more information visit: [url=][/url]
Also visit out partner Starfish One by One at: [url=][/url]

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