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Volunteer Spotlight: Philip Wang


Philip Wang balances his life both as an involved member of the Givology team and as a Senior IT Engineer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, located in Seattle. Recently, he has been helping with and learning from the revamp of the Givology website. He explains how he has been honing his skills in Python, which the old website was written in, while getting familiar with the new site’s progressive design.

Philip’s love for science began at a young age growing up in North Alabama. “My fascination with space and technology was well supported by the science in the city. Marshall Space Flight Center is nearby and I attended Space Camp twice,” he says.

He went on to continue his studies at The George Washington University, and enrolled in several classes, including Physics. Looking back on it now, he comments that he didn’t fully appreciate the value of the course. “As it turns out, in Physics, like many other parts of life, learning to break problems down into their fundamental parts and solving the smaller problems is really foundational to moving forward,” he notes. These problem-solving skills has shaped who Philip is today and how he functions both at Givology and at the workplace.

Philip first became introduced to Givology by a friend who has also been on the team for a number of years. He suggested that Philip should volunteer to work for Givology’s cause and contribute his technological skills to the improvement of the non-profit.

When asked why volunteering with Givology matters to him, Philip explained that “Givology is run by good people, maintained by great volunteers, doing fantastic work to make the world a better place.” He genuinely enjoys hearing about partners on their work and the updates on the staggering contributions that have been made for people in need worldwide.

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