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“12/12/12”: A Campaign of the Century

[i]How often do we have a chance to see 12/12/12? It is certainly rare – perhaps even once in a lifetime. [/i]
We at Givology feel that “12/12/12” symbolizes the launch of our brand new website and campaign– this 2012 holiday season, we have a singular opportunity to show everyone what we can do together with Givology. Our organization is growing up and maturing into an entity that will raise millions of dollars to help students around the world. Are you ready to join the campaign of the century?[/i]
[u][b]The Inspiration[/b][/u]
2012 has been a year of milestones. We are now helping over 170 individual students and contributing to over 55 projects, spanning nearly 30 countries. We have 20 chapters worldwide, 100+ volunteers. But what about annual donations? We want to show off our new website, make our partners proud and provide them with an equally wonderful growth in Givology donations!
2 years ago, we raised ~[b]$75K[/b]. Last year, we ended with ~[b]$100K[/b]. This year, we want to hit a milestone that reminds us all of an incredible[b] ’12[/b]… [b]$120K[/b][b].
Adding it all together, we’re shooting for [b]$295,000[/b]. So keep looking at the bottom of our website for this number!

[b][u]The Campaign[/u][/b]
12/12/12 is about working together to spread an infectious and rare holiday spirit. We need you to help us spread the Giv love and raise $35K more for our students and projects.
[/i][i]In October[/i], look out for:

[/b]Our team will be signing emails with a 12/12/12/ button to donate on Givology. We have also all set up personal [url=]Crowdrise[/url] accounts to drive donations. Sign your email with [url=]12/12/12[/url] (include the link!) or join our [url=]Crowdrise team [/url]- email!

[i]In November,[/i] Givology will be reaching out to its partners and community with greetings, holiday cards, [url=]gift certificates[/url]. We encourage you to also email your friends and family to thank them with a Thanksgiving message about our new site.

[i]In December,[/i] we will be launching our “matching donation” month. Not only will we be giving out $10 [url=]Gift Certificates[/url] but we’ll also match any donations received during the 12 days of Christmas- dollar for dollar.
[b][u]Simple Next Steps[/u][/b]
[ul][li]Explore and share everything you love with our new social buttons. Tweet #121212 @givology and say hi![/li][/ul][img][/img]
[ul][li]Email [b] [/b]to participate in any part of 12/12/12[/li][li]Read and write more about 12/12/12 [url=]here[/url][/li][li]Tell someone about Givology once a day and log that in your [url=]dashboard[/url][/li][/ul][img][/img]
[ul][li]Obsessively check the “Total Impact So Far” at the bottom of our page and get us to $295K overall[/li][/ul][b]
12/12/12. Join us and make a ripple in time...[/b]
... you don’t want to wait until 2112 to create worldwide impact.

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