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International Women's Day

International Women’s Day was started over a century ago to unite the cause for women’s rights globally and make sure that fifty percent of the world’s population was being heard. We continue to celebrate this day, not only to recognize the strides women have made but to make sure we don’t forget about the challenges still ahead. Unfortunately, there are plenty of reminders in the news that we still have a long way to go to reach gender equality even in the first world. And while there are continuing stories of hope, we also have to remember that there are places in the world where young women and girls do not know that they are being celebrated on March 8th.
These are the girls that we should be talking about. The ones who are struggling to support their families, who desperately want an education but either aren’t allowed or can’t afford it. The girls who are abused and have no legal recourse because violence has been normalized into their culture. These girls who grow up to be women with daughters, who want to give them better lives but don’t know how. We cannot forget about them, today or any other day.
Givology is working with partners who are trying to change this status quo. The Sri Lankan organization Emerge Global helps reintegrate girls who have suffered abuse from their families into society. Starfish One-By-One, located in Guatemala, focuses on mentoring Mayan girls who normally would be left behind in the education system. More Than Me Foundation works to educate girls in Liberia who are at risk of being sexually exploited. These are just a few of the organizations who are continuing to put the rights of women and girls first in places where they have been forgotten.
These organizations believe that through educating one girl at a time, we can work toward global gender equality. And we believe this too. Our gift to everyone today is a free download of our book A Guide to Giving, which details the stories from these organizations and more. Learn more about how individuals are improving the lives of girls and women all around the world. Then tells these stories to your family and friends. Remember these girls and celebrate them every day.[url=]

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