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#HowILearn campaign update

You learn something new everyday. A new math concept, the capital of Guatemala (Guatemala!) or a new perspective in the storybook of life, whatever it maybe we all learn new things every single day. So what did you learn recently?
Welcome to the #HowILearn campaign! Givology invites you to share with us how YOU learn. Learning is an aspect in everyones life every single day. Whether you are walking 10 miles to get to school in a rural village in China or riding a school bus in New York City, education lets us see past the boundaries and sets your imagination on a path to understanding yourself and the world around you. And we want to know how you do it.
Jeya likes learning surrounded by breath-taking nature, captured in a good book under the shade of a tree.


Woohee and Caitlin spin their stories by strolling through different worlds. Travelling opens their eyes to new perspectives and educates them of the different cultures that make the diverse Earth today.

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Caitlin in Madrid, Spain

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Woohee in Damyang, South Korea

Or maybe you're the layback type, when cuddling up with coffee and a good book is your heaven calling. Relate with Amy and Helen and feel your creativity flowing in the comfort of home sweet home.
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We believe in education as the key to peace, prosperity and basic happiness in life. Every child should have the opportunity to get educated, no matter where he is from, no matter what she believes in, or how much money their family has. Givology helps this cause by enabling thousands of kids around the world to learn, go to school, and start a new chapter in their lives. Join our campaign with the hashtag #HowILearned and spread awareness on the importance of universal education. Show us how unique your definition of learning is! We will reward 100% of participants with a Givology gift certificate that can be used to help aid children who are not able to achieve an equal chance at becoming educated. Share your #HowILearned photo on social media and dont forget to tag @Givology!

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