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Givology Impact Podcast Series

By Amy Boglarski
Givology is very happy to present the Givology Impact Podcast Series, dedicated to sharing the stories of Givology chapters, partners, and other entrepreneurs and organizations valuing education. The purpose of these podcasts is to highlight the good work that people are doing all around the world in support of education. Through these conversations, individuals and organizations can share the inspiring impact of their projects. This way, we can all learn more about the problems faced by students around the world, and how Givology and its partners are working to fix these problems. The first two podcasts are available now on SoundCloud, YouTube, and Pocket Casts.
Givology Chicago
The first is a conversation with Sager Patel and Neil Doshi, the founders of Givology's Chicago Chapter. Through their discussion, they revealed how Givology Chicago got started and how they have grown so much in recent years. To learn more about their efforts in South Asia and the story of Givology Chicago, please listen to the podcast on [url=]SoundCloud[/url] or [url=]YouTube[/url], or through Pocket Casts.
Photo Courtesy of Givology Chicago
Advocacy Project
The second podcast, released just recently, features Iain Guest of the Advocacy Project, one of Givologys partners. He talks about the mission of the Advocacy Project and the progress they are making in Africa. Specifically, Iain discusses the Advocacy Projects efforts to provide accessible toilets to schools in Uganda. This podcast is very interesting and entertaining, so be sure to listen to it on [url=]SoundCloud[/url], [url=]YouTube[/url], or on Pocket Casts.
Photo Courtesy of Advocacy Project

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