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Peach Foundation Student Updates

[b]The Peach Foundation[/b]
[font='Times New Roman', serif]Peach stands for Promoting Education, Art, and Community Harvest. Started in 2001 in California, Peach Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps children in the poorest parts of China gain an opportunity to go to college and complete a program of education. Students are chosen by teacher recommendations based on financial need and academic potential. Peach students have recently sent letters with updates on their academic achievements and many thanks for the gift of education Givology donors made possible.[/font]
[b]Student Updates[/b]

In many Chinese villages, students cannot afford the high expense of education. One of our students, [url=]Zhou Jiang[/url], describes the difficult choice he had to consider in middle school between going to high school and easing the financial burden on his parents. He dreamed of winning a lottery or his school excusing tuition to solve his problem until "a light shined upon me and enlightened my life and warmed my heart." Thanks to Givology, Zhou Jiang was able to attend school without worrying about the expenses. He has now finished high school and has received an offer from a college that he was hoping to attend. [url=]Qiuhua He[/url] writes, “As a girl from a rural area, I never believed that I was special. It is with your help that I discovered my strong points and fill my life with joy.” She finished three years of high school and got accepted to Yunnan Nation School. With her education, she says she has learned “how to help others in need” and she hopes that other students “can also feel the beauty of life.”
Many Peach Foundation students and their families went through difficult financial times and needed the hope that Givology offered to persevere in their educational aspirations. [url=]Liu Yan[/url] thanks Givology, writing “You shone a light upon me and showed me the sunrise.” With the help of Givology, he has graduated from high school and is now a successful undergraduate student. With an education, he hopes to be able to help his parents “live a happy life” and “help the society and those in need." [url=]Yang Wen Hua[/url] thanks Givology for the support she has received as well, writing “One of your letters granted me hope. In that letter, you recognized my personality and abilities. The letter showed your love to me and every word singed the power of love. In your halo of love, I carried on and told myself I could not give up…” She is excited to go to college this fall as an undergraduate student. [url=]Shixiang Ma[/url] is another Peach Foundation who found hope in the educational opportunities she could afford due to her donors. She writes “Thank you for being with me and leading me out of the fog. Truly thank you!!!!” She has graduated high school and is now an undergraduate college student with admirable achievements.
Peach Foundation students have now gone on to achieve great things, graduating high school, attending college, and striving to make the world a better place. [url=]Puba Li [/url]writes, “In September 2011, with a curious heart, I walked into a medical school at Kunming-Yunnan Xinxin professional school.” She has now graduated from her professional high school and is an undergraduate student who aspires to be a nurse or a doctor in the future. Other students hope to help their family members live better lives, improve living situations in their villages, and enter rewarding and fulfilling professions.
[b]Peach Students Still Need Your Support[/b]!
Although many students have successfully been able to graduate and accomplish many goals, there are still students who need your support to do the same.
[url=]Yang Zhe Fa,[/url] 7th in his class, is a hard working son of two farmers who is in need of money to pay for high school tuition. He hopes to relieve the financial burden placed on his parents by having two children in school and little money.
[url=]Mao Chun[/url], also a son of two farmers, is in 9th grade and hopes to be able to fund his education. He lives in poverty and his family struggles to pay for food and school, often having to borrow money to make ends meet and wait for the crop harvest to pay it back.
[url=]Li Yumei[/url], a 15 year old student entering high school, has a family of 8 that her parents and older brother are trying to support. Her younger brother is in middle school, while her older sister is preparing to go to college. With three students, tuition and schooling expenses for the family are quickly adding up. Li Yumei has considered quitting school to relieve her parents of the stress and financial burden, but her dad dismissed the idea, hoping that she and her siblings could grow up to live a better life than their own. Ever since, Li Yumei has been strongly committed to her education, persevering through poverty.
With your help, these students too can go on to reach their goals as many Peach Foundation students already have. Every donation makes a difference in offering students a chance to succeed and opening doors to new opportunities. To make giving even easier, Givology is matching donations 100% until January 1st. Matched money goes directly to your Givology wallet and can be allocated by you to students and projects of your choice, or given away in the form of a Givology gift certificate! How many [url=]pennies[/url] can you give?

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