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Stories of Change Makers: Starfish One by One

What's the story behind Starfish One by One? Check out a preview of the profile below, written by Michael Seong. The full version of [i]A Guide to Giving[/i] can be found at [url=]this link[/url]!
One day a woman and her daughter were walking along the ocean when they observed thousands of starfish dotted on the beach. It was low tide, and the waves had carried in the starfish only to leave them stranded as the ocean receded. The mother sighed and turned away from the beach, wishing she could save all the helpless starfish. It was a few seconds before she noticed her daughter was missing by her side. She saw that her daughter was gently throwing one starfish after another back into the sea.

“What are you doing?” the mother asked.

“I’m helping the starfish,” the girl replied.

“But there are so many, and you can’t possibly be thinking you can save them all.”

The girl looked up at her mother with a smile before tossing another starfish back into the sea.

“No, but I can save this one.”

Exemplifying the belief that smaller groups of committed and thoughtful individuals can impact and better lives one “starfish” at a time, Starfish One-By-One (SOBO) is an organization committed to enhancing the quality of life for Mayan girls and their families in Guatemala.

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