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Back to School, Back to Giving: Binghamton Chapter

Well hello there,
Just a few months ago, the members of Givology at Binghamton University elected the most hysterical, odd, and awesome president they could ever imagine. Naturally, they elected me. I am extremely modest, I know. Don’t you wish your president was great like me? Now that this post has a lyrical reference from a radio smash, I can die happily. Before I go too off topic and my head gets any bigger, let me tell you about BU’s Givology Chapter’s future.
Once that title “President” preceded my first name, millions of ideas constantly flooded through this brain of mine. Since our past e-board graduated, the size of our club has incredibly diminished. One of our main priorities this year is recruiting. We want to make our chapter into the club it used to be; where more than seven members attend a meeting. Just recently, our school held its annual University Fest. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is an event where all the student organizations table and recruit new members. This year our chapter caught many eyes with our homemade message-in-a-bottle necklaces. Trust me, they were as cute as they sound. These fashion statements and our winning smiles got us over 140 signatures!
With each signature comes more opportunities to educate others, which leads me to our next goal. As a fundraising organization with such an inspiring cause, we want to spread word about what Givology does and how many lives it has changed. In order to achieve these goals, we need some amazing fundraising techniques. This fall semester, we are putting on a mini-carnival. That is right, a carnival. We are hoping to have everything from a water pong tournament to mini-bowling to a hot dog eating contest! Moving on to spring semester, the chapter is putting on our annual Coffeehouse Art Show. It is an event where the students get the opportunity to show the school their talents and either display their art or put on a performance.
Throughout the school year, we are also collaborating with many businesses, such as Chipotle, Five Below, and Sweet Frog, and fundraising for the organization. Essentially what happens is a business and myself choose a specific day for the fundraiser, they e-mail a flyer, the club hands out multiple flyers on campus, and when a students goes to the business that day and shows the flyer, a certain percentage of their purchase is donated to Givology. Besides these events, we will be getting our Betty Crocker on and have many bake sales too. This year is going to be an exciting one and I cannot wait to see what we can do! I mean, with me as a president, obviously we can only do great things.

Lots of love,
Alyssa Famolari
President of Givology at Binghamton University


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