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Updates from VietHope and its Youth Development Program

VietHope's Youth Development Program, which launched in 2009, is an annual seven-day summit that aims to help Vietnamese first-year college students develop invaluable skills in communications, teamwork, project management, and community service. The modules are taught by volunteers from top-notch companies and organizations in Vietnam and the U.S. After structured training, participants embark on one of the hallmarks of the program: the opportunity to plan and lead a 3-day community service project. During the service project, students apply their new skills and draw valuable lessons.
VietHope selects participants from the latest pool of university scholarship recipients. Using this existing pipeline is an intentional and deliberate part of their strategy, which enables them to leverage the rigor of the scholarship program's selection process to identify the most promising of these scholars, and then build atop the financial support with intensive leadership development. By layering support in this way, they deliver the right service to the right students at the right time, and compound the impact for the most promising VietHope scholars.
Since 2009, they have supported almost three hundred VietHope scholars, including Trinh Thi Kieu, student of HCMC University of Social Sciences and Humanities, who says, “Thank you, VietHope for giving me knowledge and experience, for happiness and inner peace, for more friends, more skills, more wisdom and more faith in life. Thank you for everything.”
Here are some photos taken at this last year's YDP summit:

(Developing Teamwork Skills)

(Instruction and practice in communication)

(Project management)

(Working in the community)

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