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It’s that time of year again, GRADUATION SEASON! Students are donning gowns and crossing stages around the world to represent one of the greatest achievements in the life of a student. After all of the hard work and persistence, it is a celebration of getting one step closer in achieving their dreams!
In many places around the world, there is joy but also a realization that as children grow, their expenses do too. Without support many of these dreams are unattainable, which is why for the next few weeks we will be celebrating our [color=#669900][b]#GivologyGrads![/b][/color] Look out for highlights on Instagram and the blog to learn more about individual students in grassroots projects around the world as they move from one level of education to another.

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Want to play a part in supporting them in this milestone?
- [b][color=#669900]Donate[/color] [/b]via paypal ( and include a note to the student you want to fund. They will be transcribed and shared with students at the end of the campaign! They love receiving words of encouragement!
- [color=#669900][b]Share[/b] [/color]this opportunity/campaign with friends, family, and fellow grads using [color=#669900]#GivologyGrads[/color]
On behalf of Givology, we would like to say: [color=#669900][u]Congratulations, Class of 2019 all around the world![/u][/color]
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