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Fully Funded in 2015 Campaign

Givology is launching our Fully Funded in 2015 campaign from [b]November 21 to December 31[/b]. This campaign challenges everyone to support and fully fund featured students and projects from our partners. The selected partner organizations have been driving locally-led, community-based education focused projects in different parts of the world. [b]Our aim is to bring about positive change by getting these students and projects fully funded by the end of the year[/b].
1. Escuela Caracol
Located on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, the school seeks to provide Mayan and international students in the region with a high quality education. Its most recent project is the [url=]School Lunch Program[/url] to ensure that students have access to nutritious food during school, which improves concentration, health, and attendance.
2. Starfish
This organization runs by catalyzing female momentum to accelerate positive change in Guatemalan society, matching young girls with mentors to guide them as they grow up. Starfish student Maria Ajuchan is passionate about programming and computer studies and she has big dreams, hoping to start a business for beaded necklaces, become a software engineer, and start a nonprofit to help children who work in the streets. Givology student Rosa Baquin dreams of becoming a pediatrician and is currently studying to become a teacher so that she can pay for further education. [url=]Click here[/url] to support Maria and [url=]here[/url] to support Rosa!
3. Tea Leaf Trust
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Tea Leaf Trust works in the tea picking villages of Sri Lanka, bringing lessons and certificates in teaching, English, professional skills, and personal development to young people. With support from Givology, they have built a new center for professional development, but they are still in need of some renovations. If you want to learn more and help them waterproof the roof, construct a bathroom facility, paint the building, and make local signage, [url=]click here[/url]! In addition, their [url=]Community English Project[/url] is training young adults English. The program's graduates go on to become English teachers for children age 9 to 11.
4. The Advocacy Project
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The Advocacy Project provides advocates in marginalized communities with access to resources they need to take action against injustice and involve others. We're trying to fully fund the organization's [url=]Providing Accessible Toilets[/url] project, with the goal of bringing accessible toilets to schools in Gulu, Uganda, where many people have disabilities due to the war against the Lord's Resistance Army. Students frequently miss school, face unhygienic conditions, and experience bullying due to the lack of accessible bathrooms. We hope to change that.
The organization works mainly in rural areas of India, improving access to education through projects like [url=]EurekaKids[/url], an initiative to teach basic skills in Tamil, English, and math through an after school program specifically designed to help struggling students so that they can keep up with lessons in school and continue their education.
6. Abaarso School
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Working in Somaliland, Abaarso School has had amazing success in bringing education to children with big dreams. The organization is young, graduating 2 classes so far, but has already sent students on scholarship to MIT, Amherst, and Georgetown. The [url=]Top Female Scholarship Project[/url] aims to fully fund one female student's education at the school and encourage more females to apply.
Givology finds success in small actions aggregating to create big change. Whether you [url=]donate[/url], give a Givology [url=]giftcard[/url], [url=]spread awareness[/url], or [url=]volunteer[/url] your time, your actions matter and leave a positive impact on the world. Fully Funded in 2015 is all about small actions making a big difference, and we hope you join us!

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