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Dinner Series

[font=Helvetica]Givology hosted its first inaugural dinner series event last Thursday evening. The intent for our dinner gatherings are to meet like-minded people, and to engage in meaningful conversation. For each event, we invite a special guest to join us. Last week, Haley Priebe, Director of Campus Engagement at 10x10, joined the table to discuss the inspiration behind the organization's new film, '[/font][url=]Girls Rising[/url][font=Helvetica]'. For those who have yet to see it (and we strongly encourage you do), the film tells the stories of 9 girls, from different areas around the world.[/font]
[font=Helvetica]The venue we chose for the dinner was a low-key European wine and tapas bar, tucked away in the Lower East Side. In fact, a few of the guests unknowingly passed the restaurant on their way over, as the signage is faint (if at all). Inside, there was a large wooden table in the far back, which we reserved for the evening. The table fit thirteen people perfectly, and left more than enough space for the many orders of delicious French wine and tasty plates of empanadas, "grilled cheese bikinis", and more.[/font]
[font=Helvetica]The conversation was thoughtful and engaging. Everyone was tuned in to Haley and her story, and enjoyed discussing and sharing ideas about Girls Rising. The gathering was what we hoped it would be: great people partaking in meaningful conversation, some of which included sharing thoughtful ideas about making the film an even greater success than we already know it will be. [/font]
[font=Helvetica]Cheers! [/font]

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