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10 Social Media Accounts to Follow

Social media has become a powerful tool to communicate and reach out to people across the world. Follow our instagram [url=]@givology[/url] to receive updates and stories from our partners. Here are 10 instagram accounts to follow!
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Pencils of Promise
Pencil of Promise is an NGO which contributes educational resources to developing countries from around the world. It all started when Adam Braun visited India and asked a child what he wanted the most in the world. The child responded: a pencil. This incident inspired Braun to start his charity focusing on providing education for all. More stories about the charity can be found in Braun’s book The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change. Follow [url=]@pencilsofpromise[/url] for pictures of the children the charity impacts.
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Oxfam America
Oxyfam is nonprofit focused on reducing poverty and supporting gender justice. Oxyfam provides educational resources to schools lacking proper equipment. Follow [url=]@oxfamamerica[/url] to learn more about current humanitarian crises and to listen about individual lives Oxyfam impacts.
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UNICEF or United Nations Children’s Fund was created in 1946 to serve the needs of children and their mothers. In addition to providing aid such as emergency shelters and medicines, UNICEF also provides educational resources. One project UNICEF hosted as Girl Star which documented girls in India moving past their socio-economic levels through increase in education. Stories like these are shared on the [url=]@unicef[/url] page with pictures and captions of the kids UNICEF help.

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Half the Sky Movement
Half the Sky Movement is focused on using media to reduce oppression of women in developing countries and provide education for girls. Half the Sky has partnered with groups such as Games for Change to present the struggles these women face through games. To learn more read the book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. Also follow [url=]@sofsocialgood[/url] to read more stories.

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World Vision
World Vision is a humanitarian organization to combat poverty and social injustice amongst children. The organization provides aid for children during crises and have already helped more than 3.5 million children. Follow [url=]@worldvisionusa[/url] to see the children the program impacts.
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Save the Children
Save the Children is an organization which focuses on bringing aid to children and education without danger in their way. The organization works in more than 120 countries around the world. Follow [url=]@savethechildren[/url] to learn more facts and stories about children from different countries.
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Happy Kids Center
The Happy Kids Center is located in Nepal and provides a safe home for youth at risk. The center provides a place for children to attend school and support their families. Follow [url=]@thehappykidscenter[/url] to learn more information about the children attending school at the Happy Kids Center.
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Global Citizen
Global Citizen, founded in 2012, unites citizens to end extreme poverty by their goal of 2030. Nearly 650 million lives have been impacted by the fundraising done. Follow [url=]@glblctzn[/url] to read stories about children from the corners of the world.
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Global Partnership for Education
Global Partnership for Education works to increase the number of kids in developing countries who are attending school. GPE uses a combination of teacher organizations as well as private foundations to increase inclusivity. They aim to provide education for all by the year 2030. To support their mission follow [url=]@gpforeducation[/url] to gain new facts about children in developing countries and read engaging stories.
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CARE is an organization dedicated towards ending poverty in countries from across the world. They focus on improving rights for women and overcome social injustices. Follow [url=]@careorg[/url] to gain insight into people in different crises.


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