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Volunteer Spotlight: Avani Fachon

Avani Fachon’s conviction in the importance of education started at a young age. Growing up in Boulder, Colorado, her parents instilled in her several of her beliefs, many of which are centered around the value of education. Avani believes her own education has played an invaluable role in shaping who she is today, developing her interests, passions, and personal worldview. “Education has taught me how to form original opinions and interpret the world around me through my own personal lens,” she said. These strong beliefs have led Avani to focus on Givology and the issue of accessible education.

Currently a sophomore studying Biology at Bard College, Avani is an indispensible Givologist and is the Social Media Director / Chief Marketing Officer at Givology. She began her journey with Givology in August 2016 as a Development Intern, in search of an internship for a nonprofit. “I really admired Givology’s mission, vision, and impact, and knew that I wanted to be a part of the organization,” she said. She was particularly interested in Givology’s aspect in that it works with specific organizations on a global scale, each prepared and able to solve issues within communities at a grassroots level.

As Social Media Director, Avani organizes Givology’s daily content and runs two of the nonprofit’s social media channels. She states that Social Media grants her the ability to share powerful stories and content about Givology’s impact on students and schools worldwide. “I love the creativity and storytelling that is involved in content creation; I believe that stories have power to create connection and social change,” she said. Social Media is a key component in building awareness in Givology’s mission, and Avani has done a tremendous job as team leader.

Among many projects Avani has worked on in her years with Givology, one of her favorites was “Green Apple Giving”. In this 2018 campaign, Givology donated 25 cents every time the green apple emoji was used alongside the hashtag #greenapplegiving. She commented on the uniqueness of this campaign, and how she really enjoyed organizing and observing this event.

Avani believes that access to quality education is essential to the empowerment of individuals, the advancement of communities, and the alleviation of poverty. “I am so glad that I am able to contribute to the creation of accessible education through Givology,” she said. Avani strongly resonates with a quote from Irish poet W. B. Yeats: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”


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