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[font="Fjalla One"]Going there almost every day, most students are pretty familiar with what their own school looks like, but do you ever think about what schools from other countries look like?[/font]

Feel inspired? Visit now or each direct link to find out how YOU can contribute to these schools now.

1. Malawi, Africa
[img][/img] (Start at 3:20)
Video provided from Age Africa

AGE Africa is an organization that works to create life-changing opportunities for young women in Malawi through targeted initiatives in education, mentoring and leadership development.

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2. Chennai, India
[img][/img] (Start at 0:45)
Video provided from Tamil Vanan from AID INDIA

AID India works with several thousand Government schools, NGOs and village centres in over 10 districts of Tamilnadu to help children attain basic skills in Tamil, Math and English.

Learn more at:

3. South Kivu, Democratic Republic of South Congo
[img][/img](Start at 5:22)
Video provided from [url=]Rwenena Kids for SAFECO, DRC (formerly Congo Kids for AMCAV)[/url]

AMCAV is a local Congolese organization that provides services mostly to women who have experienced sexual violence but also the disadvantaged.

Learn more at: [url=][/url]

4. Cotonou, Benin
Video provided from Cercle Social

Cercle Social's works to improve the access to secondary education for vulnerable youth in Benin and provide them with the necessary tools to secure further studies and employment.
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5. Kampala, Uganda
[img][/img](Start at 0:17)
Video provided from UgandaPeaceSchool

At Circle of Peace School in Makindye students receive the education that they would otherwise be denied because they are unable to pay the required public school fees.

Learn more at: [url=][/url]

6. San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala
[img][/img](Start at 2:20)
Video provided from Escuela Caracol

Escuela Caracol is a school with a total enrollment of 50, with more than half of the students coming from indigenous Mayan families. It also formed a nonprofit civil association in Guatemala, called Asociación Caracol to assist with the fundraising activities of Escuela Caracol as well as to promote Waldorf education in Guatemala.

Learn more at: [url=][/url]

7. Trujillo, Peru
[img][/img](Start at 1:16)
Video provided from szampierin from SKIP Peru

SKIP is a non-profit organization currently helping economically-disadvantaged children of the impoverished district of El Porvenir, Peru, realize their right to an education.

Learn more at: [url=][/url]

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
[img][/img](Start at 0:30)
Video provided from Carioca NoMundo

Solar Meninos de Luz is a philanthropic civil organization that promotes full-time education, career training, cultural activities, sports, as well as basic healthcare services in Zona Sul, Rio de Janeiro.

Learn more at:

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