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Introducing our fellow in the field, Jonah Hetherington

[i]An Introduction to our fellow, Jonah Hetherington, who is traveling through Africa and visiting our partners. [/i]
Jonah Hetherington is entering his fourth year at Western University in London, Ontario, studying Economics with a focus in international development and entrepreneurship. Jonah has a strong passion for living through opportunities. He thrives off of experiences that can provide a new perspective of the world and allow him to understand what can be achieved in one's lifetime. Working in Nairobi, Kenya with a social enterprise last summer, Jonah realized the magnitude of opportunity in the African continent.
At an annual conference he attended in New York City, Jonah met and spoke with Joyce Meng, Givology's co-founder. He began to learn more about Givology's vision, and he decided that he wanted to fully immerse himself in Givology by volunteering in the field. The trip he is currently on is composed of four separate projects.
Before officially beginning his fellowship, Jonah will travel to Kigali, Rwanda and Kampala Uganda, as a representative of his University to work at a street rehabilitation center, build relations with the community for an inaugural Global Health Systems Masters Program, and develop a micro finance initiative to sustainably feed school orphanages through "Food First Program." He is excited to share his experiences with us, in these programs, through blogs which will be posted to Givology's site.
Finally, as part of his fellowship with Givology, Jonah will be working with the Circle of Peace School, a school in the suburbs of Kampala whose mission statement is to provide education to those who would otherwise be denied due to not being able to pay required school fees. Jonah will be working with the school to document their successes and share their story, while working with the schools partners on feasibility projects surrounding profit-earning initiatives for the betterment of the school.
At the end of his trip in July, Jonah hopes to leave having built something truly sustainable for each of his partners. He hopes the trip will have an impact on himself that will reshape his view of what is achievable in regions where others often shy away. He hopes to return to Canada being able to rally others, with his stories, who dream of making a real impact and being able to continue the work, together, that he would have only just begun.

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