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Five Reasons to Volunteer or Intern with Givology

By Julia Tofan
Spring is fast approaching, and that means making summer plans! At Givology, it also means we're looking forward to meeting new volunteers and interns, and we hope you'll join us this summer (or sooner)! Givology is 100% volunteer run, so every webpage, social media post, campaign, fundraising event, and newspaper is done by volunteers and interns. That means you're given the independence to take on a responsibility you feel passionate about. Here are 5 reasons I love volunteering with Givology (and hope you will too!):
[b]1. You can make a difference![/b] Givology has made many amazing projects possible. Funded projects have provided students with school supplies in areas of extreme poverty, trained mentors in Guatemala to intervene in family violence, brought technology to remote schools, and much more. Givology's supporters create a huge impact, and you can be part of it!
[b]2. You can learn something new and get professional experience! [/b]At Givology, you have the opportunity to learn from everyone around you whether you're interested in designing a newspaper, managing social media, making a budget, or anything at all that Givology does. Once you know the ins and outs, you can lead your own projects. Interns and volunteers have led video productions, helped write a book, and started awareness campaigns among many other projects. That not only adds to your skill set, but also looks great on a resume.

[b] 3. It's good for you![/b] Volunteering reduces stress and increases happiness and positivity. You can feel great about yourself knowing that you're changing lives and giving back.
[b]4. You can meet people with diverse stories, backgrounds, and interests, and come together with a common goal.[/b] Givology volunteers and interns come from all over the world, and so do their life experiences. The amazing diversity of the Givology team means everyone brings something special to the table, and that's what makes it so exciting.
[b]5. You can do it from home or travel the world![/b] The Givology team communicates virtually, so you have the flexibility to decide where you work from and when. If you prefer making a difference in the field, there's opportunities to do that too! Givology fellows travel the world to visit partners, volunteer, and share their experiences.
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