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Top Ten Articles on the Developing World's Education Challenges


1. [url=]11 Facts About Education Around the World[/url]
Short and sweet, this article published by the Do Something Foundation delineates the most alarming statistics on third world education, covering everything from the gender gap to the impact of just one more year of education.

2. [url=]UN Education Fact Sheet[/url]
This 2008 UN report discusses "Millennium Goal #2: Achieve universal primary education", and what has already been done and what needs to be done to reach this objective. This fact sheet examines both successes and failures of UN efforts.

3. [url=]10 barriers to education around the world[/url]
Global Citizen hits the nail on the head with this list, encompassing nearly every obstacle to third world education. This article is truly eye-opening, and explains these complex problems with statistical examples and details.

4. [url=]The situation in developing countries[/url]
This is another excellent article to read to grasp a general overview of global education challenges. First outlining the dismal circumstances for students or prospective students in the developing world, the article goes on to explain the reasons for these conditions.

5. [url=]Right to Education: situation of children's right to education worldwide[/url]
The nonprofit Humanium puts challenges to universal education on a broad scale, focusing on the impact of government and society on schooling. Factors such as cultural gender discrimination and socioeconomic class within a nation are more taken into account in this commentary than others.

6. [url=]Redefining Education in the Developing World[/url]
Two professors take a fascinating look at a '"hidden problem" in third world education in this article. They argue that the standard model of education used in the developing world is wrong; education there should be practical above all, and uniquely fitted to circumstances very different from that of the privileged students of the Western world.

7. [url=]Twenty percent of young people in developing countries fail to complete primary school and lack skills for work[/url]
This report by UNESCO scrutinizes the failures of existing third world education, emphasizing the lack of basic/technical skill training.

8. [url=]More in School, but Not Learning[/url]
This NY Times Article takes an in-depth look at the problems with judging education quality in the developing world based on enrollment numbers only. It cites elements like overcrowding and incompetent teachers to explain why students are not learning, even though they are in the classroom.

9. [url=]School Education in 'Third World' Countries: Dream or Trauma?[/url]
An academic paper by a post-graduate student at the University of Essen, this account takes a deep look at the innumerable local challenges facing children who just want to go to school. Personal stories from students, teachers, and families around the world offer an intriguing, albeit despondent look into the social, economic, and political realities of education, or lack thereof, in the third world.

10. [url=]Higher education: challenges for developing countries[/url]
This article focuses on the barriers to higher education in the third world, where even achieving universal primary education is a long way off.

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