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Graduation Spotlight: Jiawen Pek

[b]Where will you/ where did you go to school?[/b]
I went to a local high school in Singapore for my A Levels, and will matriculate at Tufts University in Medford, MA in September!
[b]What did you/what will you study? [/b]
I've always loved world literature for the complexities and nuances of stories, and loaded up on English Lit courses for my A Levels. I will probably study English and possibly add on International Relations. My interests are all over the place. I am hoping to find something that combines cultural studies with language and has some relevance to social justice.
[b]When did you become involved with Givology and why? What do you do for Givology?[/b]
I started as a graphic design intern in January 2014, mainly because I love design and wanted to do something with it for social justice and causes. I was and am particularly passionate about education, especially in Asia, and Givology was a great opportunity for me to make an impact in that area. It's made me realize my desire to put education at the center of my work in the future.
[b]How has working with Givology shaped what you want to do in the future?[/b]
It's helped me see that being a social justice advocate and ally begins by starting front he smallest things and thinking about how I may be able to further contribute. While I have no idea what exactly i want to be doing, I've loved the experiences I've had of being able to design for a cause I support. That's the kind of purpose I want to find in the future and the direction I intend to move towards.
[b]How do you think your chosen major will help you impact your community and the global community?[/b]
In the future, I hope to do something related to social justice or non profit work, or maybe even teach ESL. I'm hoping that I can ask and think about questions of race, privilege and education during college and consider ways that I can address them.
[b]What is the greatest lesson you've learned from working with Givology that you will carry with you in the future?[/b]
I've learned how to carry my convictions and values in my work. This ranges from keeping sincerity for people and dreams at the core of all that I do, to working on projects that resonate with me. In Givology, I had opportunities for all of that and I met numerous people with unshakeable convictions. Whatever I end up doing in the future, I know that I want to keep that with me.

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