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Impact Series Podcast: Gramin Shiksha Kendra (GSK)

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[color=#669900]“Why we say it is a community-owned school is because the need rose from the community we didn't impose it on them.”[/color] [url=](Click to Tweet)[/url]
Guest: Tali And Ekta
Hosted By: Macy Huang

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[color=#669900]Gramin Shiksha Kendra (GSK)[/color] is an organization registered in 1995 with the goal of providing education to children around the Ranthambore National Park,. They believe that schools are an extension of the community rather than a mere service provider. Hence community involvement lies at the heart of all of GSK’s interventions.
[color=#669900]Tali [/color]started her time with GSK in 2016 as a fellow through the American India Foundation Clinton Fellowship.. After some time away at grad school, she joined the team focusing on fundraising and communications.
[color=#669900]Nepeta[/color] a postgraduate student, started our her time at GSK teaching english to the upper primary grades, Nepeta now works on english programs and early childhood education.
In this episode we talk to Tali & Nepeta about their community of change-makers, agriculture and Buffalo

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“So not only are we kind of working with the community as well and having a program run by the community but we really, the founders really wanted something that would address the culture of education in the area. Focus on learning through activity based learning. A learning in in which teachers are mentors and not figures of authority. As sort of a way to really encourage critical thinking and encourage kids to attend school and engage the community in the schools.”

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S H O W -N O T E S
WWF and the History of GSK: Creating a legacy [b][2:25][/b]
Setting the Groundwork: The 1st School [b][4:20][/b]
Relocation & Student Selection: Opportunities beyond Agriculture [b][6:41][/b]
Challenges in the field: Seeing the forest beyond the trees & relocation [b][8:51] [/b]
Holistic education doesn’t stop at textbooks [b][11:15][/b]
The gift of volunteers & the power of sports [b][12:29][/b]
Flagship programs and measuring impact: [b][16:46][/b]
Grassroots (adjective) grass·roots | \ gras-rüts , -ruts\: (Synonym: GSK): emphasis on community [b][22:11] [/b]
Areas of opportunity & solutions: what would we change if we could [b][24:05][/b]
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[font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][color=#669900]R E F E R E N C E S [/color]
Find out more about the [url=]mission[/url] of GSK and their [url=]programs[/url]


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