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Weekly Blog #2- Tanzanian Childrens Fund

The featured organization for this week is the Tanzanian Childrens Fund (TCF)! This blog serves to follow up on our #5 [url=]podcast[/url] of an interview we did with Peggy Wiles Bacon, the Director of this organization, and offer you background information on what TCF does and what you can do to help them achieve our common goal of creating a better future for impoverished children.
The Tanzanian Childrens Fund (TCF), located in the Karatu region of Northern Tanzania, was founded by India Howell in 2003 with the goal of improving the status of education and health for orphans with little money. When the founders realized that children can make no more than two dollars a day, they decided to target the most severe problem these children face- lack of good education. Only 30% of seventh graders from a local primary/secondary school passed the exam to get into high school, the equivalent to losing out an opportunity for a higher chance of job employment. However, through signing a contract with the school and having constant checks on teachers completion of tasks, the founders and volunteers have, by 2011, assisted 100% of students on passing the high school entrance test.
This is a huge impact for the community. While there had been a 68% unemployment rate in the region, providing good education and higher degree learning to children is gradually decreasing that rate because these children grow up with sufficient knowledge to get recruited in jobs. And as Peggy states, providing education is a "ticket" out of a "long dark tunnel of generational poverty."
Givology partners with this organization by providing sponsorships. For example, Givology has successfully expanded the scholarship from 150 to 200 for primary school children. On our [url=]partner website[/url], we have successfully fundraised $6350, and will continue with helping children achieving their dreams.
On the other hand, what you can do is not only assist in monetary donations through our [url=]website[/url], but also spread awareness and seek opportunities at their [url=]website.[/url] Any form of help, no matter big or small, aggregate to become great changes. While it may be a small step for you, it is definitely a huge step for a kid in getting closer to his/her dream.

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by Macy Huang

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