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“Right here. Right now. What does education mean to you?”

[b]“Right here. Right now.”[/b]
[i]Written by Jennifer Chen[/i][i]
[i]HERE. [/i]This picture of our guitarist, [url=]Ben Rabb[/url], who came out on a sweltering and muggy Saturday morning to Bowling Green square, NYC, epitomizes what Givology stands for. There’s no better time and no amount too small to GIVE. Over the past four months, we’ve been spending many weekends in parks throughout Manhattan – spanning from Battery Park to Central Park – asking everyday New Yorkers: “What does education mean to you?” Our goal is to raise awareness for the impact education has on all of our lives. Sure enough, as evidenced by over 150 people’s pictures on [url=]Givology's Flickr[/url] and the [url=]"What Does Education Give?"[/url] video, we did just that! Check them out for some good laughs…
[i]NOW - [/i]We want to give everything education provides to underprivileged students in 19 countries, to over 50 partners. All through a simple click, we are asking New Yorkers to act now and make a difference directly. $1? $5? 5 minutes of your time to listen? 1 hour of our time to volunteer? Even for busy New Yorkers, it matters!
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