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Support Givology! Dell Social Innovation Competition

The Dell Social Innovation Competition is an exciting opportunity for Givology to win $50,000.To advance to the second round, we need each of you to visit the Dell Social Innovation site and vote for Givology!
Click here to vote for Givology! To vote for us, simply click on the link above, register for an account, and then hit the PROMOTE button (it literally takes seconds)!
Please spread the word to family and friends! $50,000 can help Givology make a tremendous impact in education throughout the world. Your support is really important to us - we advance to the second round only if we are one of the top 25 most popular ideas.
To get the momentum started, please invite your family and friends to our facebook event.
For more details about the Dell Social Innovation Competition and voting for Givology, please read Yuqing's blog post.


  • hendry jullius


    In this blog discussed social Innovation competition. To promote internet providers for my address the service many innovations are taking place simply click the link and register and we can express the ideas through the site. Thank you for sharing the information

    Friday, February 8, 2019 at 11:52:00 AM
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