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5 Ways to help in less than 5 minutes

With the Fifty Dollars Campaign art exhibition less than two weeks away, there are many ways you can help support the cause even if you cannot got to NYC!

5 Ways to help in less than 5 minutes:

1. Buy artwork and have it shipped to you.

2. Check back on our Facebook group page for pictures and logos to download and make them your profile picture/ post them on your facebook

3. Join our Facebook group and make it your status! @What Would You Buy With $50? – Drawings by Ugandan Kids - the link will give your friends a chance to learn about the cause without having to message them

4. Send an invitation out to those you know in NYC.

5. Post one of these videos on your Facebook with this message:

Givology is sponsoring the Fifty Dollars Campaign, an art exhibition in NYC that will benefit the Circle of Peace School in Kampala, Uganda, a school for AIDS Orphans. Check out our exhibition website for more information!

Video 1: Introduction to the Circle of Peace School

- Video 2: Picture Slideshow of the Peace School

- Video 3: Meeting the Villagers

- Video4: Jumping Rope

2 weeks and counting!

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