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Education Gives

On a bright morning on April 14, [b]Givology volunteers gathered at Merchant’s Gate, on the southwest corner of Central Park[/b], and erected a simple stand next to the hawkers and street vendors peddling walking tours, bike rides, horse-drawn carriage excursions and other entertainment for those entering the park. Rather than pitching wares, Givology wanted to ask passers-by: [b]What did education mean to them?[/b] Throughout the day, tourists, runners and others wrote their answers, which ranged from the straightforward (“power” and “opportunity”) to optimistic (“hope” and “a better job”) to simply heartwarming (“friends and a good future” and “humanism”). We collected well over 150 responses in a variety of languages—including Arabic, French, Korean and Portuguese—and a contribution from a sponsor for each response. [url=]One can see pictures of many of our respondents on our flickr page[/url].


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