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Spread the Seed

We're huge fans of Seeds of Africa, and proud that we can support their innovative work in Zimbabwe through our Givology community.

As founder Martin Ganda said, “I’m always wishing for the world to be like a global family. a family where we all appreciate the power of humanity, believing in one another’s potential, and realizing that to get somewhere in life, no matter how hard we work, we will always need a nudge from others."

To support their work in constructing a school, Seeds of Africa is hosting a Valentine's day themed date auction this Monday.

Check out their event website and RSVP today to secure your ticket at this special event!


Here's a note from the Seeds of Africa team:

We are very excited that prominent New Yorkers through the tremendous support of our Ambassador, Katelyn Lane -Happer, we will be having one of our biggest benefits as we share with New York our vision of building a school in Zimbabwe. This event means a lot to us at Seeds of Africa and the children that will benefit from the Seeds of Africa Knowledge Center. We are excited about the publicity that our project will receive. We are very thankful for all our supporters and sponsors that have made contributed towards this event.

At the Spread the Seed Valentines Charity Date Event, we are excited to see the most eligible single New Yorkers participate in the date auction to raise funds, specifically for the Seeds of Africa Knowledge Center. This event will be the beginning of many other benefits to create social and economic change in children in Zimbabwe through investment in education. We believe that the Knowledge Center is one tangible example of a project where people from all walks of life, through pooling their resources, talent, networks, will be able to build a school that will impact children for the next hundreds of years.

Together we can all make a difference.


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