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Why it all matters...

One of the greatest joys of volunteering on the Givology team is knowing that our work supports changemakers who fight every day for education, despite all the adversity they face. We’re able to touch vulnerable communities that are neglected, unheard, and hidden by digging deep and working with grassroots organizations with a long track record and entrenched relationships. The unfortunate reality is that education aid is needed the most in countries that are the most dysfunctional and difficult to help. As such, I’m extremely proud to support the work of AMCAV in the Democratic Republic of Congo – a country ravaged by the legacy of civil war. In the DRC, 25% of primary aged students and 60% of adolescents are not enrolled in classes. GDP per capita is $400 despite the vast natural resource wealth, 71% of the population is below the basic poverty line, and political instability persists. The most persistent troubling factor is that despite the need, very few international NGOs work in the region. There’s not enough money to pay teachers properly, so parents often have to make up the difference. It’s completely unacceptable that while we get free public education here in the US, parents in the DRC have to bear the majority of the cost.
[url=][b]I’m so proud that we’re able to support AMCAV, and want to urge all of you to read their inspiring story[/b][/url]. The founder of the organization – Bernadette – has helped victims of rape rebuild their lives, and she’s out there in the community every day working on a tiny budget to bring more kids into school, in spite of the personal threats she’s received.


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