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December is just around the corner, and the spirit of goodwill and cheer abounds. Radio stations won’t stop playing Christmas music, while the high street entices shoppers with lavish holiday displays and sales. Some say the holiday season has gotten quite commercial (we won’t open that debate!), but regardless, the meaning of the holiday spirit remains the same. While not quite on the same scale of Ebenezer Scrooge’s transformation, we all find ourselves opening our hearts a little wider and giving a bit more. And what a difference this makes!

To celebrate the holidays, we’re asking you to submit to us stories, photos, youtube videos, reflections, artwork, letters, comics, personal essays – basically whatever comes naturally to you – about what giving means to you. As part of our “spirit of giving” campaign that kicks off this December, your submissions will be posted to our project website at, shared with our entire network. We know we have incredible partners, supporters, and volunteers within our Givology family– this is the time to let your own personal story shine through and inspire others!

How this works:

1. “What does giving mean to you?” Take the time to think about this question and answer in a way that comes naturally to you, whether it be a personal essay, a photo, youtube video, comic, artwork, or any other medium

2. Email your submission to with your name and a short bio of yourself. Or, mail your submission to the Givology team to the address below.

3732 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6231

3. Your post will go up on, and will be tagged up on Givology’s front page at We’ll tweet and facebook your submission, as well as aggregate it into that week’s newsletter, to be read and enjoyed by our entire network. We’ll contact you about when your post will be featured so you can share it with your friends.

Why you should participate:

Everyone has a story to share – there’s so much we can learn from each other and especially during this holiday season, we can draw inspiration from heroes all around us. Small acts of kindness can create a movement of change and we want to give thanks and celebrate YOU!

In addition to getting your cause and story featured on our website, each week, we’ll let readers vote for the post that truly inspires them. The weekly winner will receive a special surprise from Givology!

Our intent is to aggregate all submissions into a publishable e-book to be shared among our community, capturing the spirit of volunteerism and giving.

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