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Help us select the winners for the 2010 Givology Video Contest! We were delighted to receive FIVE great entries this year!

Click here to view all the contest submissions, or simply scroll below and check out the creative and inspiring submissions below!

To help us decide, simply:
1) Click "Add a Comment" under this entry
2) Write down the name of the video creator that you think deserves to win, as well as any comments and feedback on any of the videos!
3) We'll tally up your responses and comments and create a video of congratulations to the winner(s)!

View the original video:

Entry #1: digitalXeffects - GIVology = Giving + Education

Entry #2: Givology64 - Givology

Entry #3: mjmayank - Givology

Entry #4: sayasaurus - kirby_0001

Entry #5: karenkilberg - Givology Video Contest


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