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Sending a Message to Students

A letter of encouragement goes a long way. Please use our messaging function to contact the students and communities supported by Givology!

Through our messaging function, you can send a letter to the students and communities sponsored by Givology. Each quarter, we collect all the messages sent through our system and deliver them to the students so that they can read your words and respond. We believe in the powers of communication - your words of support mean a lot to the students, and they are genuinely curious about your lives.

Since we are about to send off a round of letters, please make sure to use our messaging function soon so that your thoughts and questions for the student can be included! We post all responses online in the student and project blog, so this is an oppotunity for you to connect to talented students across the world!

Ideas for a letter include:
  • Information about yourself
  • Encouraging and uplifting messages related to the student's interest and background
  • Any inquiries about the student's life and how he or she has used the money provided by Givology
  • General advice / sharing of your own experiences

Once again, thank you for your support!
How Messaging Works:
  1. Click on the profile of the project or student
  2. Under the student's or project's photo, click on "Message Me"
  3. Type your message and then click send! 
  4. On a regular basis, Givology will deliver the message on your behalf

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