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Give Inspiration: Javier Perez-Karam, Film Maker

[b]Video Transcript [/b]
I got involved with a group of people that started an NGO called 108 Lives Project. And the mission of the 108 Lives Project back then was basically to intervene in 108 lives Katmandu, Nepal and bring each of these people whatever they needed most in their lives.
My mission with the organization was basically to document the whole project. As I am doing this and seeing how each of us are stepping into a mindset of generosity we start working with the kids and start working with the beggars and start meeting with people who wanted to do similar things as what we wanted to do. The idea of the documentary started taking another dimension and it was now not only what 108 Lives is doing. [url=]The documentary is now called “The Perfection of Giving.”[/url]
The importance of it and the angle that I am taking is that giving will put a kid in school and that giving will feed a couple of mouths sometimes, but the real practical benefit of giving is not so much in the recipients but in the giver. The joy of giving is bigger than any other joy that I have experienced. There was not one person that would say “now I feel poorer because I gave,” “now I feel sadder because I gave.” There is no such thing.
I don’t know if it is only giving that inspires me right now. The idea that it is possible to make a better world and to be happier people is what really drives me to tell the stories that I am telling right now. We all do it because we are helping somebody else, but that helping somebody else makes us so brutally happy.

[b]About Javier:[/b] Javier Perez-Karam is a storyteller and film producer with a strong background in digital marketing and advertising. He founded Green Carrot, a storytelling and production company with the mission to tell stories designed to connect with people at an emotional level, building audiences around multi-platform content. Perez-Karam is currently in production of a multi-platform documentary: [url=]“The Perfection of Giving”[/url], a sociological and anthropological exploration of the act of giving, the benefits for society and individuals and the practical consequences of a generous mind.

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