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Launching our 60 Second Video Campaign!

Exciting news! Starting April 1st, we’re kicking off a campaign to share the inspiring stories of people who make a difference. For the next 6 weeks, we’ll be releasing a daily 60-second video featuring prominent movers and shakers in education and philanthropy. From emerging future leaders to the established leaders of today, we have so many incredible stories to share, so check back often!

View the teaser video below:

Background of the Project: As a Ford Focus Global Test Drive Finalist, we had a chance to go to Madrid and witness the power of harnessing social media and video. With a brand new Ford Focus at our disposal, we traveled across the East Coast to interview vision-driven people who are changing the world in their own unique way. We have an incredible line-up of speakers, but the sequence is a surprise, so check back each day!

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