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Focus on Education: Siler Bryan

Day 3: Siler Bryan, Community School Student Partnerships

Siler Bryan is currently Site Coordinator at University City High School for the Community School Student Partnerships (CSSP), a student organization that runs afterschool and enrichment programs supporting several schools in West Philadelphia. In his work at the Success Center at University City High he manages Penn students who work with high school students on college applications and improving their academic performance. Siler is currently a senior at the University of Pennsylvania who will be graduating in May with degrees in International Relations and Modern Middle East Studies. He also recently completed his senior thesis on the topic of Higher Education and its role in development in the Arab Gulf. Starting in August Siler will be working as a teacher at Abaarso Tech, a secondary school located in Somaliland on the horn of Africa that is dedicated to reaching the top students from throughout Somalia and preparing them to pursue a college education.

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