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Welcome to Givology!

Givology is a community for anyone interested in education, development, and global affairs. After months of hard work, we are finally ready to launch! As the community grows larger with additional donors, students, supporter, and staff members from around the world, we will have many stories and experiences to share.

We have posted the profiles of many talented students whose lives will improve with your support Each student has a unique story to share and bright aspirations for the future.

To learn more about our students, you can read their blog posts.

The sharing of knowledge and experiences with one another is a wonderful way for all members of Givology to maintain constant correspondence and a sense of connectivity. It is also a way for Givology to remain up-to-date on new developments and new areas of need.

Please share your thoughts, questions, and experiences with all of us by posting a blog and/or responding to a previous thread.

Give to learn.

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