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Focus on Education: Maggie Doyne, Kopila Valley Primary School

Day 16: Focus on Education - Maggie Doyne, Kopila Valley Primary School

Maggie took off after high school to see the world and when she was trekking through the Himalayas, she stumbled upon hundreds of kids living in the streets, orphaned by years of human rights violations and war. Maggie knew she could stay and make a difference in these childrens' lives, granting them the rights that every child around the world should have. She built and now runs Kopila Valley Children's Home in Nepal, housing these innocent victims and saving them from lives of instability and hunger.

Through her work, Maggie has given shelter to 24 kids, sent 60 others to school, and assisted in the placement of over 700 orphans in the region. She has tackled human rights issues in the region, improving the lives of children affected by violence, child labor, sex trafficking, and poverty.

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