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Support for Haiti

Few words can express the depth of our concern and sadness for all the communities and families affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

We're doing our best to support the work of our partner, La Valle Community. As lines of communication have been down, it may take a few weeks to receive updates about the status of the students. When we hear back, we will post all updates to our site immediately.

A general update from Anne, our main point of contact: “Our program partners in La Valle, Antonica and Theodore, have been contacted and are safe. Due to the collapsing of many homes and the continued aftershocks, everyone in the town is forced to sleep outside. The weather is cooler in the mountains, so the young and old are in need of tents, blankets, and food supplies. Many of the families have lost children when their schools collapsed in Port Au Prince. The estimates now are that every school in Port Au Prince has been destroyed. Now more than ever, the Haitian community needs our support. We are hearing that relief aid is slow to reach all the communities in need, but that all of the Haitian people are banding together to support their neighbors”

Our team is committed to helping as much as we can and mobilizing our local and online community to raise funding and much needed supplies. With Haiti struggling to effectively deliver the massive influx of aid, we intend to take precaution to make sure that the funding we raise end up helping those who need it the most.

Our prayers and hearts go to the Haitian people.

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