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Two Short Videos from the Peace School

Just wanted to add in two short videos recorded on Christmas Eve to supplement some of my earlier posts. All videos were taken by Jiashan Wu, my other half during the Uganda trip! Thank you Jia for recording such wonderful footage and helping document the impact of the Peace School!

Video #1: Irene, Natasha, and Shareen sing and dance on Christmas Eve. The kids were really fascinated with Jia's camcorder and tripod, and relished the chance to perform and use the microphone. Generally, all the kids we met were hesitant at first to be on camera, but soon afterward, curiosity and interest supplanted any initial reservation. In fact, at the end of our trip, the kids clamored to use the equipment themselves to take footage of us!

Video #2: Playing "Lost Message in Pocket" (See the post about Christmas Eve). This game was really fun - the way it works is that a child tosses a scrap pebble over her shoulder, and whoever is closest hides it. Then, the child returns to the center of the circle, sings the song, and then tries to figure out who was closest to the pebble. Once the right child is found, a game of tag occurs! I kept on getting the words to the song wrong, to the amusement of the children.

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