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Letter from Erika!

Dear Godparents,
Once again it's a pleasure to me to be able to say Hi and tell you a bit about my life.
I got my grades from school. Thank God I did very well and got the 3rd place.
I feel proud of my achievements because I put the best of me to take my dreams come true.
While I'm studying to complete my secondary education, I'm also studying Accounting and business administration. Those are courses given by our school in order to train students for a university career.
It's only one year left at school and then I hope I can study Languages, get a job and be able to pay for my career at a university.
I'll be 15 next week and I think I'll only have a gathering with my family and friends.
As always I still tend San Pablo Lutheran Church. I pray for you and ask God to multiply blessings in your lives.
Hugs and kisses
Erika Natalia

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