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Translation of Erika's letter

Below is a translation of Erika's most recent update. Thank you to Givology translation associate Lauren Yarger for her hard work!


Hello and God bless you very much,

My name is Erika. I was born May 2nd, 2000. I have a very close, happy family with whom I share my life.

I have a brother named Sergio Alejandro who is eight years old and also a spoiled, very affectionate and playful little sister. At the moment, we live in one of the Lutheran churches in Bogotá, Colombia. My parents pay rent, and we do the cleaning. I go to Sunday school. I do things like dances for Christmas because I like to learn about God and let him into my life. I go to Bernardo Jaramillo High School. I am in the fourth grade, and my brother is in second grade.

Thank God I am a scholarship recipient and can study and go out. This help is a blessing. Since we have few economic resources, with that great help from all of these good-hearted people that are in the United States, my little brother and I go to school, and my little sister can go to kindergarten.

When I am in the golden church, I thank God for you and for those good, humble hearts.

When I grow up, I want to be a teacher or a doctor and go to college, and be able to go forward and help my parents, and to continue growing for God and to follow the Word in the name of God and to arrive at adulthood with wisdom.

This is a little bit of my life. Thank you for listening to me. A hug and may God continue to bless you a great deal. I love you very much.


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